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At Vango, we understand work is a huge part of our daily life, so we want our employees to have fun at work. We want you to be a happy and proud Vangoer! As an employee of Vango, you are encouraged to be responsible for the assigned tasks, to be collaborative, and to be a leader with influence.

Empowerment and Total Ownership: 
At Vango, we strive to hire the best talents on the market. We nurture a culture of ownership. You are empowered to get things done to finish the assigned tasks with great quality. Once you are hired, we give you responsibilities and authority to let you shine in your specific field.
Collaboration: At Vango, we want A-team members, not silos. We value collaboration, and we strive to break all collaboration barriers. Being able to collaborate, even cross the departmental boundary is one of the most important factors for promotion.
Leadship by Influence: At Vango, we promote leadership by influence, not necessarily by rank. We give every employee possibility to become a transformational leader with or without managerial title.
Wish you make great contribution to Vango and enjoy working here!

Competitive salary and compensation package
Paid vacation
Paid national holidays
Social Insurance & Housing Fund
Stock Option Plan for key engineers

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