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MCU Description

MCU (Microcontroller Unit) is also called Single Chip Microcomputer. MCU is CPU with the appropriately-reduced frequency and specification, integrated with the peripheral interfaces, like memory, Timer, USB, A/D convertor, UART, PLC, and DMA, etc. Even the LCD driver circuit is integrated into single chip to realize the chip-level computer. Different combinations are carried out for different application fields.


High-speed Calculation and Data Treatment

·4-Cortex MPU/DSP/ FPU

·32KB I/D Cache; 512KB L2 Cache

·Embedded 128KB SRAM

·Support DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR2/DDR2/MDDR, the maximum memory 8GB

·Support 2x eMMC, the maximum memory 1.2GHz

·Internal clock maximum memory 1.2GHz

·Embedded 128-bit DDR specified bus

·Configured specified bus access priority

·M33 internal cortex treating system

 - Semaphore/ IPC mechanism, to reach cortex communication

 - M33 SRAM 128KB, A7/ M33 shared SRAM 32KB


Safety/ Reliability

·Internal cortex supports TrustZone security mechanism

·Embedded AES/HASH security algorithm

·Support TRNG

·Authorized security access

·Various of security enable mode

·Security information storage

·Independent Watch Dog Timer (WDT) clock

·Temperature sensor detection

·ECC debug


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