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MCU Description

MCU (Microcontroller Unit) is also called Single Chip Microcomputer. MCU is CPU with the appropriately-reduced frequency and specification, integrated with the peripheral interfaces, like memory, Timer, USB, A/D convertor, UART, PLC, and DMA, etc. Even the LCD driver circuit is integrated into single chip to realize the chip-level computer. Different combinations are carried out for different application fields.


·MCU: 32-bit Cortex-M4

-The highest speed reaches 150MHz

-JTAG debug interface

-Embedded 64KB Boot-up ROM, support ISP

-Embedded 2MB FLASH memory

-Embedded at most 8KB Cache controller

-Embedded 2x 256KB SRAM

-Embedded 8MB SDRAM

-Support 3 kinds of boot images selection: ROM/ Flash/ RAM

·MCU: 32-bit Cortex-M0

-The highest speed reaches 150MHz

-JTAG debug interface

-Embedded 128KB code  SRAM

-Embedded 2x 32KB data SRAM


·DSP: Tensilica BBE16EP

-The highest speed reaches 300MHz

-JTAG debug interface

-Embedded 192KB  code SRAM

-Embedded 2x 128 KB data SRAM-Up to M4 6x UART with parity check

-Up to M0 1x UART with parity check 

-Up to 3x SPI (1 Master/ Slave; 1 Master; 1 Slave interface)

-Up to 1x I2C (Master/Slave interface)

-4x 32-bit PWM for M4 and M0

-1x 8-channel DMA for M4 and M0

-Provided the specified 7-channel DSP from DMA controller

-1x GMAC Ethernet controller

-Support AES-128

-Provide 1x CRC16/CRC24/CRC32 to M4 and M0

-32x GPIO at most ad the maximum flexibility


·PackageLQFP128 / QFN TBD


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