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PLC Description

PLC (Power Line Communication) utilizes the power line, which targets for current transmission as the communication carrier. It is a communication method of utilizing the low-power distribution lines for transmitting data.


The V6300 is a PLC processor chip. The V6300 integrates one 32-bit MCU, one 32-bit DSP, one embedded Flash memory, two UART interfaces, one SPI Master controller, one SPI Slave interface, one I2C Master interface. Accompanied with Vango’s high-current drive line driver chip (V6000), the V6300 forms a complete modem solution to support all known narrowband PLC Standards.

· Supporting multiple narrowband PLC Standards: G3-PLC, IEEE P1901.2, PRIME, ITU-T G.hnem

· Supporting single-carrier or multi-carrier PLC with FSK or BPSK/DBPSK modulation schemes 

· With high-linearity and high-current drive line driver(V6000) having integrated receive functions 

· Supporting frequency bands: CENELEC, FCC, ARIB and Wide Band (500KHz~2MHz)

· Supporting modulations: Selectable differential and coherent BPSK, QPSK, 8PSK, and coherent 16QAM 

· Supporting IPv6 networking layer

· Supporting G3-PLC compliant 6LoWPAN adaptation layer; with optimized network formation and mesh routing function 

· Supporting HW AES-128

· Two UART interfaces (UART0 and UART1). UART1 is high-speed UART supporting up to 500-Kbps baud rate. 

· One SPI Master with two chip select pins. It can be  used to control wireless transceiver, metering, or  other SPI devices. 

· One SPI Slave interface for alternative data interface  with Master processor chip 

· One I2C Master interface to control other I2C devices

· 256-KB embedded Flash memory

· Supporting In-System Programming (ISP) of Flash memory via UART0 or SPI Slave interface 

· Up to 32 programmable GPIOs for  maximal flexibility 

· 3.3-V digital I/O. UART pins are 5 V tolerant. 

· Integrated LDO (3.3 V to 1.2 V) 

· Zero-Crossing detector

· Packages: 68-pin QFN 

· Operating temperature:  40 °C ~ +85 °C


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