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Communication chip/module Description

Communication chip/module products


Compatible with G3 Wideband PLC Chips

· Support bandplan: G3-PLC, PRIME, G3-CENELEC A, G3M, State Grid/ Southern Grid HPLC, and the total band width is 40KHz~12MHz.

· Integrate Ethernet RMII interface, support high-speed bus interface.

· Support three-phase zero-crossing detection to provide accurately phase identification

· Integrate 3x DMA

· Up to 32 GPIOs

· 2MB Flash, 512KB SRAM, and the external SDRAM

· Line Driver can collocate with HPLC products

· PHY layer adopts DSP to increase frequency, MAC layer adopts SoC architecture to easily maintenance

· Support up to 256/512/1024/2048 FFT points/ IFFT accelerator

· Support AES-128/192/256

· Analog module

- 12-bit ADC which possessed 25MSPS

- 12-bit DAC which possessed Max 25MSPS

· Improve successful rate of data receive in high noise environment:

- Design and improve Notch filter to enhance location accuracy

- Remove 3 interference frequency

- Optimize Preamble detection to adopt the exclusive detection to reach the purpose of Robust detection.

- Greatly improve the calculation of signal physical layer

- PackageLQFP128/QFN68


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