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Communication chip/module Description

Communication chip/module products

Dual Mode Concentrators

· Support bandplan: CENELEC A, FCC and G3M mode (up to 2MHz)
· Static power: <1W
· Fulfill Q/GDW 1379.4 standard testing requirements
· Support modulations: DBPSK/BPSK, DQPSK/QPSK, D8PSK/8PSK
· Support IPv6 networking layer 
· Fulfill G3-PLC 6LoWPAN adaption layer with optimized network formation and mesh routing 
function Wireless Communication 
· Bandplan: 902~928MHz
· Receiving sensitivity:  -103 dBm @50kbps • Signal interference characteristics: 86dB at 10MHz
· Nearly channel selectable: up to 60dB at 12.5-kHz offset 
· Support modulations: 2-FSK, 2-GFSK, 4-FSK, 4GFSK, MSK, OOK
· Fulfill 802.15.4g package: CRC 16/32, FEC, Dual Sync Detection (FEC and non-FEC, Whitening)


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