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V5150J is a high frequency, synchronous step-down converter with integrated switches. It can deliver up to 600mA to the output over a wide input voltage range of 5V to 45V. It is suitable for various industrial or automotive applications with high input voltage or for power conditioning from unregulated sources. Moreover, the low 14µA quiescent current and ultra-low shutdown current of only 0.6µA make it a suitable choice for battery-powered applications.  

V5150J features high efficiency over a wide load range achieved by scaling down the switching frequency with light loads in order to reduce switching and gate driving losses. Other features including internal compensation, internal monotonic soft-start even with pre-biased output and fast loop response, and the peak-current mode controller in order to reach rapidly circuit response. About the protective function including to circuit limited and short-circuit which integrated auto-reset, thermal shutdown and over-voltage protection. 

· Operating voltage range: 5V to 45V

· Internal standard reference: 0.8V

· Low-quiescent Current: 14uA (Typical)

· Shutdown current: 0.6uA (Typical)

· Up to 600mA for current output

· 1.2 MHz switching frequency

· Internal compensation and soft start

· Simple design and minimal external components

· Up to 95% timing efficiency with 12V/400mA

· Adjustable output voltage 0.8V to 20V

· Current limit and short-circuit protection

· Over-voltage output protection and thermal shutdown

· Power-save mode and PWM mode protection

· Monotonic startup with pre-biased output

· 90% maximum duty cycle

· Package: SOT-23-6

· Operating Temperature Range: -40 to +125


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