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The primary-side controller is used to simplify CV/CC mode switch design via primary voltage/ current sampling without optical and secondary-side circuit. Meanwhile, it possessed precise voltage output and current adjustment. Various mode of the chip can reach 75mW standby power consumption, high efficiency and noise immunity. Jitter Frequency also can reduce the cost of EMI filter. Also, V5370M also features to adjust CV/CC accurately, low-cost and high reliability; meanwhile, it provides various of protective function: peak-current limited in cycle, VCC under-voltage locked (UVLO), over-voltage protection (OVP), and clamp. When abnormal events happened, controller continue soft-start until the error been solved. Support DIP-7 tube package. Embedded MOSFET endurance up to 1000V to ensure reliable power supply even under the extreme environment.

· CV/CC adjustment error ±5%

· Without optical and all level CV/CC control circuit

· Quasi-resonant working mode.

· Embedded line compensation which is used to accurate CC adjustment.

· Embedded LEB

· Current limited in cycle

· Delay VCC under-voltage locked (UVLO)

· Embedded short-circuit protection and over-voltage output

· Embedded over-temperature protection

· Up to 15W output power


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