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V5240K is used to 81X120 STN LCD single driving controller. The LCD chip integrates special DCC (Direct Capacitor Coupling) driving architecture to achieve near crosstalk free images. Except the low power COM and SEG drivers, it contains high-power LCD power supply, bias voltage generation, temperature compensation, timing generation and graphic data memory. Meanwhile, it is used to advanced circuit design techniques to reduce external components and minimize connector size to achieve extremely low-power consumption.

 · VDD (digits) range (Typical): 2.8V~3.3V

· VDD2/3 (analog) range (Typical): 2.8V~3.3V

· LCD VOP range :6.51V~12.48V

· OTP trimming available to support precise LCD comparison

· ACF size: 3uM or 4uM

· An ID pin to software-readable to support suppler identification

· Partial scroll function and programmable data updating window to support flexible manipulation of screen data

· Support buffer RAM access of the page order and column order

· Support industry standard 4-wire (S8), and 3-wire (S9) serial interface

· Fully programmable Mux Rate, partial display window, Bias Ratio and Frame Rate to allow flexible power options

· Four software programmable frame rates. Support the use of fast Liquid Crystal material for speedy LCD response

· Software programmable 5 temperature compensation coefficients

· Self-configuring 6x charge pump with on-chip pumping capacitors. Only 3 external capacitors are required to operate

· Embedded temperature sensor


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