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SoC Description

System on Chip, abbreviated as SoC’, indicates that the system is on the chip. All key modules are integrated on a chip, including MCU, analog IP, digital IP, and memory (or EMIF). It is usually customized or the standard product for certain usage. In the energy metering field, SoC usually integrates MCU, metering module, real-time clock module, Flash and RAM memory, LCD driver module, UART/SPI/I2C communication module, and GPIO module.


ultralow power, crystal supervised, 100-LQFP, multifunction, single-phase SoC, with RTC

power supply 3.3V or 5V: 2.5 to 5.5V

internal reference: 1.185V (typical drift 10ppm/°C), interrupt triggered by external capacitor leakage

typical current load in full operation: 5.5mA

operating temperature: -40~+85°C

100 – LQFP

crystal supervised: internal RC oscillator as a replacement when crystal oscillator stops running

various sleep/wakeup methods, configurable wakeup with reset

4 independent oversampling Σ/Δ ADCs

metering accuracy exceeding requirements of IEC 62053-21:2003, IEC 62053-22:2003 and IEC 62053-23:2003

<0.1% error in active energy over a dynamic range of 5000:1

<0.1% error in reactive energy over a dynamic range of 3000:1

programmable metering modes:

accumulating power, current RMS or a constant for energy metering

metering energy at a configurable frequency

phase compensation resolution @ PF=0.5L: 0.005°/lsb (min.)

CF pulse output of configurable pulse width

accelerated meter calibration

current detection supported

enhanced 8052 MCU core


128KB Flash/4KB SRAM

1 additional comparator, comparator interrupt supported

5 UART interfaces, IR communication supported

2 enhanced UART (EUART) interfaces, ISO/IEC 7816-3 compliant

1 general-purpose serial interface (GPSI), I2C compliant

up to 12 timers, PWM output supported

4×40/6×38/8×36 segments LCD driver

70 programmable GPIOs

integrated RTC and temperature sensor, digital crystal frequency compensation for calibration over temperature variation


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